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Casson's Skua found nearby Trondheim.

On April 25th. 2007,  another  Skua were found.  This was Skua 7A  from 803 Sqadron -  Pilot: Lt. Cdr. J. Casson RN,  and Observer Lt. P. E.  Fanshawe,  RN.  It was shot down during the attack on Scharnhorst, on June 13th. 1940, known as Black Thursday. The Skua ditched at Geitastand,  nearby Trondheim. The aircraft was found by ROV from R/V Gunnerus,  NTNU students,  Torkell Nodland, 
and Klas Gjolmesli.  The Skua was standing upright on the bottom,  with minimal damage at a depth of  242 meters.

The Scharnhorst attack on June 13th 1940,
and the Commemoration 67 years later.

The Commemoration at Trondheim went very well, with eleven guests from UK.
Five of the families that took part in the "
Scharnhorst attack" on June 13th 1940,  attended to the ceremony, including D T R Martin (800Sq) and L G Richards (803Sq)
And then R E Bartlett (803Sq) and C H Filmer (803Sq) took part in Spirit, and in writing.
The attending guests arrived in Trondheim on Tuesday June 12th
Accommodation were set up at the Royal Norwegian Aviation Academy,  for most of us.
And the rest stayed in hotels downtown.
The program started on Wednesday 13th at the Commonwealth War Graves,  at 12:00 hours.
A wreath with a white ribbon were placed on the memorial stone in front of the graves,  by
Derek Martin,  Lloyd Richards,  and Simon Partridge. The words on the ribbon were:
In remenberance and honour of those from 803 and 800 squadrons Fleet Air Arm
who fell on the 13. of June 1940. "They shall not grow old" From FAA Airmen
Then Derek Martin read the written messages from R E Bartlett and C H Filmer,
together with the
Roll of Honour,  before we had one minute of silence.
The graves connected to the Scharnhorst attack on this cemetery are:
W J Tremeer (800Sq) (marked A soldier) - G E D Finch Noyes (800Sq) - J A Harris (803Sq)
and S R D Stevenson (803Sq)
We also visited the Statsbygd cemetery,  where L H Gallagher and W Crawford,  both (800Sq) are buried.
In the evening we all had dinner at the Tyholt Tower Restaurant overlooking the town with a most wonderful view,  a fine ending of a long and most memorable day.
The Commemoration were supported and taped by Sketchfilm.

Obituary Lt. C H "Fairy" Filmer RN.

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                 A unique present for our Blackburn Skua project.

A rare radio receiver Type R.1082, was generously handed over by Mr. Denis Rolph, UK,
to Birger Larsen, Curator of aircraft at NLM Bodo.
This is a very precious present to be used in our Skua rebuild project.
It will soon be on display at the Museum.


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