WW2, 65th Anniversary at Grotli April 2005.

65 years ago, on April 27th, the German Heinkelpilot Horst Schopis and the british Skuapilot Richard T. Partridge met in a hut at Grotli. This year, at the same date, Simon Partridge (son of late R T Partridge) and
friends were there to celebrate the 65th Anniversary. It was still a lot of snow in the area, and the weather was great, just like in 1940. We could not have hoped for a better scenery. Together with Bjorn Dalen, Stein Are
Bergheim, and Tor Bruland, we visited the different historic spots in the area by skidoos.

Simon at the Skua spot

When we returned home on April 28th, we got this following email from Andrew.

Gentlemen. It is with great sadness that I have to report that "Eric" Monk (ex Rating Pilot) passed away yesterday morning (27th April) after a protracted illness.
I first got to know him in 1974 when he and his wife Marge came to spend their 2 week summer holiday, living in a tent, whilst we recovered Skua L2940.
This during the worst summer Norway had experienced in living memory.
He was, to the best of my knowledge, one of the Skua pilots from Ark Royal that
attacked the German cruiser Konigsberg in Bergen harbour on 10th April 1940.
It is also a twist of irony that he should die exactly 65 years to the day from the loss of Skua L2940 over Norway. An aircraft that he flew and had a love/hate relationship with. Regards: Andrew George Linsley, Leader OPERATION SKUA

Operation Skua 2005 team, visiting the Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford in July.

Left: Oyvind, Simon, Arvid, Bob, Andrew. Left front: Tor Arne, Tor, and Tore.

Operation Skua 2005 team, trying to locate another lost Blackburn Skua.

The story from April 26th 1940 tells about two British aircrew coming down from the mountain nearby Kvam in Gudbrandsdalen. They were shot down by a German aircraft. They met locals and got some dry clothes for their escape. The aircraft we belive to be a Blackburn Skua, probabely still remains in a nearby lake. In the need of Skua aircraftparts for a possible rebuild, we now try to locate it.

Second photo, from left: Klas, Arvid, Oyvind, and Tor-Arne.


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