Operation Skua 30th Anniversary at Grotli August 2004.
The Anniversary at Grotli was a great success. Likewise the program
for the weekend. Thanks to the filmcrew, we have it all on tape. 
You may order the DVD film on email: skua@online.no                                                                                           

Penny and  Simon Partridge,
landed at the Skua spot, after flying helicopter on their fathers Blackburn Skua

Horst Schopis flew the same route as he crashlanded his Heinkel 111, on April 27th 1940.

Horst landed close to the

Partridge-family and Schopis
at breakfast.

Operation Skua divingteam
1974 at the Skua spot.

John Waterfield and Svein Eidsvik met again, 30 years after Johns diving accident.

At the table by the Hostel: Levon, Heidi, Are, Valery, Joachim, Horst, Penny,
Simon, and Andrew George.

Svein, Oyvind, and John.

On the bridge: Pauline, Arty, Susan, and Tommy.

Berit and Are.

At the storyteller's table.

Anniversary dinner, with
some of the divingteam
at the table.

Crewnames of
Operation Skua 1974.
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