Operation Skua is the name of our team, tracking down lost Skuas from the Norwegian Campaign. We have reason to believe that there are more Skuas lost in Norway, not yet found. So we still search in several parts of the country, mostly in fjords and mountain lakes. Our aim is a complete Blackburn Skua on display at NLM Bodř. Operation Skua arrange meetings, and set up film interviews with aircrew still alive. We collect reports, books,
drawings, photographs, articles, and anything connected with the story of the Blackburn Skua, and its significance during the Norwegian Campaign.

75 YEARS AGO - The attack on Köningsberg 10th. April 1940
The Fleet Air Arm Squadron leaders: Capt. R T Partridge 800Sq, and Lt. W P Lucy 803Sq, with their 16 Blackburn Skuas flew from Hatston
on the Orkneys, to Bergen Norway, and sank the German Cruiser Köningsberg. This was their first of several missions in Norway.
One Skua were lost on this attack.

The 70th Anniversary of the Scharnhorst attack on June 13th. 1940
Fifteen Skuas and thirty aircrew attacked the Scharnhorst at Trondheim on this day. Eight Skuas were shot down, seven aircrew were killed, and nine were captured. Today only three of these crew are still alive. Their story will not be forgotten.  Black Thursday by Lt. Andrew George Linsley. 

NEWS 2011. The missing engine of Skua L2896, were salvaged on April 28th from the depth of 375 meters, by SV-Gunnerus, Operation Skua, and students of NTNU Trondheim. The engine were in good condition after 71 years on the seafloor.


NEWS 2012. More missing parts from the Skua were found by SV Gunnerus on October 24th. The parts salvaged were some aluminium ribs and the fire axe.

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Blackburn Skua info

08 04 2008. Blackburn Skua L2896 salvaged nearby Trondheim.
The salvage operation started on Tuesday 8th, at 08:00 hours. After several attempts all strops were finally attached between the lift frame and the Skua.
The lift started at 17:30 in the afternoon. Some divingwork were carried out to secure loose parts. The Skua broke surface in the evening at 21:00 hours.

This painting, by C E Turner, illustrates very well the story that lead to "Operation Skua."
Three FAA, Blackburn Skuas on patrol over the northwest coast of Norway in April 1940. The Skuas usually operated from carriers in the North Sea, but often they flew directly from an airfield at Hatston, on the Orkneys.
Only 192 Blackburn Skuas were built, and about 30 Skuas were lost in Norway, during the Norwegian Campaign.

Restoring Skua L2896


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